Nitiraj Color Incense, Assorted Champa

Each of these fragrances are made with a sandalwood base then blended with natural floral oils. Each incense stick will burn for an hour and the fragrance will linger for days. This incense is commonly used to set the mood for meditation, yoga and relaxation. 25 grams per box approximately 17 sticks.

BLACK NAG CHAMPA: A combination of sandalwood, vanilla, and floral oils create a perfect setting for meditation. Mildly sweet, yet spicy.

BLUE NAG CHAMPA: Relax and unwind with this fine blend of rose, jasmine and sandalwood.

GOLD NAG CHAMPA: Rich blend of amber, jasmine, and sandalwood resulting in a
smooth, sophisticated aroma. Sweet and woodsy.

GREEN NAG CHAMPA: An uplifting blend of citrus, garden flowers and sandalwood. Helps to keep your surroundings in balance.

ORANGE NAG CHAMPA: Sweet woods and spices create the ultimate scent of happiness.

PURPLE NAG CHAMPA: A fine blend of aromatic forest herbs and flowers. Perfect for prayer and offerings.

RED NAG CHAMPA: A powerful blend of exotic oils and sweet tropical fruits. Sweet and fruity.

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