• Ancient Copper Phra Ruang 2”
  • Ancient Copper Phra Ruang 2”

Ancient Copper Phra Ruang 2”


This amulet is a Symbol of prosperity and wisdom from Thai culture.
The word Ruang means prosperous or glorious. It is believed that Phra Ruang was a monarch who had accomplished a large amount of merit in his previous life, his words were sacred and wise, and with his great knowledge of arts and science, he managed to send out junks to trade with China, being married to the Emperors daughter and bringing back Chinese potters to produce ceramics in Sukhothai. In the circle of votive tablet collectors, the name Phra Ruang has been used to call two different groups of votive tablets. The first group depicts a standing Buddha image in the attitude of granting blessings.
Almost every Thai Buddhist has at least one Thai amulet. It is common to see young or elderly people wear one or many amulets around the neck in order to get closer to the Buddha. Amulets are made using the Buddha image, image of famous monk, or even image of the monks who made the amulets themselves and let believers wear on for security and peace.

Height: 2Width: 1/2"



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