About Us

*Inspired Green Living*

Culture Couture is for the eco-conscious lifestyle consumer who strays from mass market trends and values ethically crafted and sustainably sourced clothing, gifts, and accessories.

We sell a wide array of plants and plant accessories; incorporating greenery into one's home has been shown to improve air quality, productivity, as well as personal moods. Another product category we specialize in is meditation and healing. With the vast array of stressors many of us have to face in our day to day lives, it is important to create a space in our homes or head to assist in finding the best possible solutions for life's current problems. It is also important to hold space for the love and gratitude abundant in our lives as well; we have helped and continue to help so many people in these pursuits, while facilitating the setting of intentions in order for them to lead their kindest and most wonderful life possible.

Lisa Johnson opened Culture Couture way back in 2003. Since then the business has had many changes, however it has always stayed true to its mission statement,' To give people a positive experience to feel good about themselves and the world around them.'