• Daruma 2"H

Daruma 2"H

Daruma is a traditional handmade Japanese wishing doll (or charmingly referred to as a "GOAL DOLL") that keeps us focused on achieving our goals!

It is a centuries-old tradition from Japan that is positive, motivational, and fun (and it works) !!

Here are the FIVE simple steps to using a Daruma doll:

STEP 1 - Decide on a SPECIFIC GOAL you are DETERMINED to ACHIEVE. There are five colors according to the type of goal.

STEP 2 - DRAW one of Daruma's blank eyes to signify your COMMITMENT to achieving your GOAL. Write down your goal on the heart painted on the back of the Daruma for extra commitment!

STEP 3 - Place Daruma somewhere VISIBLE in your home or office so that while he FOCUSESon your GOAL, you'll be reminded to do the SAME!

STEP 4 - Once you've achieved your goal, draw in Daruma's other eye to say THANK YOU!

STEP 5 - CONGRATULATIONS!Write the goal you achieved on the back of your Daruma (if you have not done so already). Time for your NEXT GOAL with a new Daruma!

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