W.I.T.C.H. Oracle, Woman In Total Control of Herself

From the Creator - Agni Sullins

The stars speak to you. The trees sing to you. Stories are your friends. Flowers and crystals and herbs resonate so deeply inside you that you feel you might burst into bloom.

Bookstores and libraries are your salvation and the forest is your church.

You’ve tasted magic and know it is kindred. It haunts your dreams and fills your imaginings, yet you can’t reconcile its presence with the world you’re living in, with this life.

You drift, sometimes heavy with anxiety, sometimes light with surrender, wondering what brought you here and how much time you have til you can return home.

Sure you want to drink midnight margaritas with your sisters, but you also want to LIVE your practical magic, every day.

I’ve brewed and bottled some of the Academy’s brightest teachings to create this exclusive deck.

It is intended to companion your journey into sovereignty, as mistress of your own power.

Whether you join your tribe of fellow W.I.T.C.H.s at the Academy, or travel solo, this deck acts as priestess, oracle, guide.

Let it walk with you as you weave your magic.

Welcome home, W.I.T.C.H.

We’ve been waiting for you.


  • Features 48 cards trimmed in gold foil with original art by Silas Toball
  • 240 page book with oracular messages and bewitching poems
  • Arrives in a collectible box with magnetic closure
  •  Includes an organza bag for easy card transportation
  • Heavyweight card stock in 3"x5" easy-to-shuffle rounded-corner format
  • $26.95