• Moqui Balls Shamanic Stones

Moqui Balls Shamanic Stones

Moqui Balls are Iron and Sandstone concretions (balls) cemented by a hard shell of iron oxide minerals. Scattered across Utah and Arizona in the USA, and more commonly at the Navajo Sandstone Formations.

Soothing to hold, they come in pairs – one for each hand – representing duality, which allows you to understand yourself and your dualistic world better. They align the Chakras, release blockages, stimulate energy and can be used for protection. They also have a powerful grounding effect. Moqui Balls are also known as Moqui Marbles, Mochi Balls. or Shaman Stones.

The “male” stone is more flat like a flying saucer. The “female” stone is more round. You can hold the “male” in one hand and the “female” in the other for working on balancing your energy.


  • $100.00