Pepperomia, Assorted

The Ginny Pepperomia has wide green leaves with an irregular creamy margin. Overall, the growth habit is slightly branching that is improved by occasionally pinching. Ginny Peperomia is an easy, rewarding plant. Peperomias prefer bright to moderate light and the soil should be allowed to dry slightly

Roots need oxygen; when repotting, mix soil with perlite

Water sparingly and allow soil to dry as deep as 5” between watering

Fertilize occasionally


Rippled Pepperomia care instructions:

Water: Keep the soil barely moist and let at least 50% of the soil to dry out before watering again. During winter, reduce watering further and allow soil to dry out halfway before watering again. 
Light: Medium to bright light is best. Keep out of direct sun.
Humidity: Appreciates humidity. Mist your plant often to create a rainforest vibe.
Fertilize: Feed with good organic fertilizer (diluted) every month from Spring to Autumn 

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