• Prayer Flag: Om

Prayer Flag: Om

Fair Trade from Nepal

Size: 2.5"sq flag x 8'l string

Paper prayer flags can be hung virtually anywhere! Hang our mini versions across your computer screens, in the car or anywhere you need a little dose of compassion. Longer flags are great for use on mantles, in windows, entryways and more; anyplace you want to create sacred space in your life. 

Traditional Prayer flags are made using hand-carved woodblocks and water soluble ink on cloth; wind blows the prayers though the universe and rains carry the prayers away to the earth. When these traditional flags fade, the flags are then burned and a new set is strung. 

The five colors of the flags represent the harmony of five elements in balance; blue=sky and space, white=air and wind, red=fire, green=water and yellow=earth.


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